Thursday, May 8, 2008

Recycling Awareness

Throughout this whole experience, I have learned a l0t. I knew what recycling meant, but I didn't kn0w the extent of it. I learned how to make a compost, h0w to r0t, and what substances sh0uld N0T go into a compost. I also learned what a landfill is, and what goes there. Before I didn't kn0w that electronic things can be recycled, but it turns out that you can! I never knew h0w imp0rtant recycling is, but n0w I see why it is, and it's a shame that people still d0n't d0 it.

I d0 practice recycling. I recycle, reuse, and reduce. However, I do n0t r0t. That is one thing I can impr0ve on at h0me. An0ther thing I can impr0ve on is c0mp0sting. I never made a c0mp0st bef0re, except f0r the one I made at sch00l with my peers. I find it very interesting that old grass clippings, water, etc. can make perfectly HEALTHY s0il.

Recycling at sch00l seems to be harder. We d0n't have enough recycling bins or enf0rcement on it. Eventh0ugh we have t0ns of garbage cans, students are lazy t0 g0 walk a c0uple of steps to thr0w away their trash, which is a big pr0blem.
On the other hand, we d0 have students that try and enc0urage the act of recycling. Leadership students g0 ar0und t0 classes and distribute recycling bins, h0wever, we still d0 n0t have en0ugh. Our g0al is to have a recycle bin f0r every classr00m, that way student can recycle their trash....h0pefully.
Another thing I wish my sch00l w0uld d0 is pr0vide bins f0r f00d scraps, that way we can use th0se scraps (such as orange peels) and put them int0 the c0mp0st.


You can recycle a NUMEROUS amo0nt of things!

..........YOU SHOULD TOO!

Help make YOUR planet a better, cleaner environment. Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, AND rot

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Davis Street Transfer Center

On April 14, the CMMA juniors took a field trip to the Davis Street Transfer Center. The Davis Street Transfer Center is a facility that provides waste management. This facility serves 20 Bay Area cities as a way to achieve their goal. They want to divert 75% of the communities trash away from landfills and into recyclable substances. They don't just recycle the "regular" things either, they recycle television sets, radios, bottles, cans, and wood pieces.

I have learned that trash isn't just trash, it actually g0es a l0ng way. Trash can be used f0r vari0us am0unt of things, I think it's amazing. Recycling is very imp0rtant, if y0u d0n't recycle, then things w0nt be made. You actaully save a l0t when you recycle, which i n0w kn0w is its purp0se.

The trash that's dumped at the Davis Street Transfer Center is taken to the Altamont landfill in Livermore, CA. A landfill is when trash is buried underground to reduce its smell and prevent waste from mixing with groundwater. The Transfer Center helps recycle items so that it is p0ssible f0r us t0 reuse it, and the Altamont landfill helps us by making our world a cleaner place.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Composting at the THS Farm

At THS, my class went down to our school farm and there we made a compost pile. My role in the activity was to tell them the order of the layers.
Compost is a homemade fertilizer that can be made with food scraps, grass clippings, and L0TS of water.
The benefits of composting is better soil, healthy plants, no pesticides, saving money, and of course, the whole recycling process. =) Compost piles are done ranging from around 2 weeks to 2 days, depending on how large the pile is.

How To Make A Compost Pile:

INGREDIENTS: leaves and twigs, grass clippings, succulent plant matter, old compost, WATER!!

2)old compost (light sprinkle)
4)leaves and twigs (2")
6)grass clippings (5")
8)old compost (light sprinkle)


Waste Audit

Today, THS students went through and sorted out trash.

First, they had the classroom trash.
Second, they weighed the bag to see how much was in it.
Third, they dumped out all the trash in the bag onto the tarp.
Fourth, they sorted out all the trash into different piles, which is why they threw all the trash on the tarp.
Finally, they weighed the piles. they weighed upto about 7 lbs. 60% was paper, 30% food scraps, and 10% plastic bottles.

Classes can really contribute to recycling. They can reduce the use and throwing away pieces of paper. They can very well use both sides of the paper and save the scraps as scratch paper, or find another use for it, besides dumping it into the trash.

The major way classes can reduce consumption and disposal of materials is to REUSE the materials. Wasting perfectly good materials is not the answer.
The 4R's can be applied to materials in the trash by finding a way to reusing them and rotting them. This process helps us, because it's part of recycling.

Litter Survey

Here at Tennyson High School, students took a couple of before and after pictures of areas around the school for comparisons to see if people threw away their trash. Pictures were taken in the administration wing, grassy knolls between halls, front of the school, E-Hall, and of course the quad.
Before lunch, all of these areas where pretty clean, except for the leaves which came from the trees. There was no dirt or food scraps to be seen.

However, after lunch, all of these areas where a mess, especially the quad. Food wrappers, as well as scraps, could be seen on tables, floors, etc. This is pretty shameful because we have so many trash cans near by for those pieces of trash.



Thursday, April 24, 2008

Recycling at Home

So, I left my last blog saying to recycle.....Have you since then? Recycling is important, no matter where you are at. I recycle at school, as well as at home. I enjoy doing it, because it helps save the planet we live on. Recycling is EASY!!!!! All you have to do is get a trash can, bag, or box that is specified for a certain item, such as bottles, cans, et. Also, if you recycle your bottles and cans, you can go to the center where they collect it, and sell them there. Who knows, you might end up making a lot of money! That is an easy way for me to make money. I recycle my bottles, etc. and sort them out according to what it is, such as plastic or aluminum; afterward, my dad takes them to a buy and sell around our house and i get to keep the check =). Of course, you have to be patient and remember which bag is for what, otherwise everything will get messed up. Well...HAPPY RECYCLING!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Heyy everyone! s0, lets talk recycling...hmm...d0 u recycle?...or even kn0w the imp0rtance of it? I D0NT THINK S0....
Here at Tennyson High School, we've started recycling. It's a great idea, and everyone should do it! Well...Lets Get To IT!